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This repo contains the code used for the PSfMO method for the affine case.
You can clone this repo and use it directly if you have matlab. Running the ScanNet experiments will require you to have the dataset and some extract some sequences out of it. The code to this is not provided in the repo.
The repo contains to running scripts:
* `synthexp/run_synth_seq.m` which generate a synthetic sequence of conic and estimate the quadric from this sequence
* `scannet_exp/eval_all_seq.m` reproduces the ScanNet experiments which are shown in the paper. Additionnaly, `eval_1_seq.m` provides some additional visualisation on a specific sequence
Corresponding publication:
title={Probabilistic Structure from Motion with Objects (PSfMO)},
author={Gay, Paul and Bansal, Vaibhav and Rubino, Cosimo and Del Bue, Alessio},
booktitle={Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition},
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